My review on CSGO cheat

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    My review on CSGO cheat

    Hi there I am Zherlong and after 1 hour playing I am able to make a review about this awesome simple cheat.

    I am an average player. The cheats I used were Chod, Iniuria, *******, and subtleaim. Compared to those, P7 has less features but it comes out strong as the safest cheat around, with 0 detection rate in 8 months. To make it simple, I will categorize the testimonial into smaller parts about each of the features of the cheat.

    Triggerbot: NIL

    Aimbot: NIL

    ESP 10/10
    The ESP is the best among all the cheats, as the visuals are very accurate and show up only when enemy is near. It is very useful for legit play and doesn't make you confuse. The insert button is to to toggle among NO ESP, SIMPLE ESP with health and names, and bone ESP. 3 modes altogether. The cheat also disable flash, and also shows grenade ESP. Smoke is as usual but you can see enemy from behind the smoke.

    Community 10/10
    The client is updated frequently to improve itself, and responding fine to CS client update. The moderator I see here is Jey. He is a very experience co-ordinator and responds to problems quickly and politely. He is around most of the times, as if he lives in the internet. Also there are no member that flames you for asking a question.

    Client 10/10
    The client is the easiest to use. You don't even have to do patchguard, or amend anything on your pc. The only thing you may need to download is the 2013 MS C++ if it is required. After you launch CS, just minimize the game, run the cheat, and play. There is no menu or any other settings except toggling the ESP modes.

    Settings 10/10
    You basically do not need any any settings. Just run the cheat and the ESP is ON automatically.

    Security 10/10
    I heard this cheat is never being detected, and can be used in ESEA.

    Total 8/10
    Summary: One of The "SAFEST "cheat on the market! P7 is perhaps the best visual cheat you can find. Itís simple, powerful to a near-perfect level, and focused on customer security. The only drawback is the lack of TB and RCS. I would confidently say it's got an extremely bright future ahead of itself, just like the CSGO game.

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    @zherlong thank you on a nice testimonial sir. I have added extra 3 days to your subcription time for your effort.

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    thank you Jey

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    nice review, i always liked project-7 cheats

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    I'm going to test this cheat out as soon as my subscription on the cheat I'm currently using runs out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xkAAz View Post
    I'm going to test this cheat out as soon as my subscription on the cheat I'm currently using runs out.
    If security is your number 1 concern, you will be happy with our 9 month undetected record!

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    Good for raging/legit play?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xkAAz View Post
    Good for raging/legit play?
    Our cheat is a legit solution for high skill players.

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    can i hack on 5ewin safe ?( like a faceit in china)

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    P7 is not supported in 5ewin atm

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