Hey guys some of you might remember me back from old times well I've just started playing csgo competitively so I thought I would give P7 a chance and it has delivered! the new 1.1 update is pretty cool and lets you customize every aspect of how you want to cheat.

I've played scrims and I usually have 3:1 kdr minimum and nobody suspects me of cheating due to the tips provided by Project-7.net staff.
Have checked all back through the alpha and still until today nobody has been VAC banned from P7, which is pretty amazing as my friends are always getting banned with VIP hacks from other known providers.

Rating 4.5/5

Support staff are also really excellent and I want to thank the admins of coder fum1n for updating bugs and having so many new updates, it's almost like there's a new update every day!

Peace and have fun cheating!