CSGO Cheats by Project-7 | 9/10 Review!

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    CSGO Cheats by Project-7 | 9/10 Review!

    What to say...the cheat for CSGO is amazing! I like it a lot. Like back in the day, flawless, smooth, fast and secure! I dominated on casual server and everyone was adding me to friends lol. I even got asked if I can boost people to higher ranks in matchmaking. I really like the secure approach and that Project-7 has become a legit cheat rather than a rage HvH cheat. I'm not saying rage cheating is bad, it's just I believe that my game experience and feeling of fulfillment is much better when I use legit cheats.

    Also, would like to add Triggerbot is a bit to strong - maybe make it slower xD.

    So let's go with the grade!

    My final grade is 9/10 - the only reason is because I believe MENU should be a bit nicer - this one is old school xD.

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    Thanks on reviewing our cheating software! Welcome back.

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    23rd November

    Its absolutely amazing and remarkable what some of you guys are capable of accomplishing

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