Project-7 CSGO Cheats - EvoFREE v3.6

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    Project-7 CSGO Cheats - EvoFREE v3.6

    Important News

    • Increased cheat security!
    • Updated to work with latest CS:GO update.
    • Performance fix.


    • VAC3 Safe
    • Faceit Safe
    • ESEA Safe
    • CEVO Paladin Safe
    • ESL Wire Safe
    • SMAC Safe
    • KAC Safe



    • Name ESP
    • Box ESP
    • Health Number ESP
    • Grenade ESP (Flash, HE Grenade)


    • Launch Counter Strike: Global Offensive as usual.
    • Launch the cheat's .exe file, press any key and play!
    • If nothing happens when you start the cheat's .exe file you are maybe missing the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013, so please download both 32 and 64 bit versions, install them and restart your PC.
    • If nothing shows in game, but the cheat is loaded, use command "cl_showfps 0" in CS:GO console.



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    Stupid question to ask since it says all but is this free version realy undetected on FACEIT and other leagues ?

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    got vac banned first game thx dickheads

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    Quote Originally Posted by agyt View Post
    got vac banned first game thx dickheads
    Use it at your own risk. No one forced it on you

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    VAC ban :) thanks

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    ty you for the nice bann

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    I don't get you guys.. I mean you are saying thank you for the ban and being sarcastic as f... Nobody forced you to download the free version which is obviously going to be detected within 3 days because of it's popularity and poorly made anti-cheat bypass. If you want a good cheat, go premium (buy it) on project-7 or any other cheat providers which I will not say the names as it will look like I'm promoting other cheat providers and might as well get banned from the forum.

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