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    wow what im asking and what answer i got...nice admin gj

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    Works fine, yet it's not rendering too far which is great to cover it up a bit. Don't over-use it, you'll get banned very fast. Got banned 3 times within 24 hours XD I think if you play safe and just do ''regular'' wallbangs you are fine to do it, but don't over-estimate the OverWatch XD

    Edit: Yet it's still VAC safe :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by akateshi View Post
    wow what im asking and what answer i got...nice admin gj
    It's VAC safe but not Overwatch safe :-)

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    its not working

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    Quote Originally Posted by xmetiix View Post
    its not working
    How did you inject?

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    it doesnt even open ! i couldnt open the file to inject

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    Does it work on windows 7 because it worked last night but not anymore ive tried everything help me ffs

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    is this undetected for now? please respond , there is csgo update thanks.

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    Hello guys.. is this and the Premium version working with 1.6? :)

    thanks and have a nice day!

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