I'm amazed [P-7 Review]

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    I'm amazed [P-7 Review]

    Just bought this again for a month and directly tested it with a bot game, features are really stable and are not buggy when switching on/off. I can vouch for the owner. Nice guy, he knows what he is doing do not hesitate and join the club ;)

    Global review :

    Ease of use : 9/10 - A very detailed readme.doc is included, even a 10 year old kid could use this without problems.

    Stability : 8,5/10 - I tested the stability of the tool by spam switching the features on and off, they kept doing their job without problems.

    Support 9/10 - Ivan is always on skype and responds within 1-2 mins, it took him 1 min to read and answer 2 questions of mine. Very customer friendly support.

    Overall score : 8,8/10

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    Thanks for posting your review brother!

    love Josh x
    Hi my name is Josh previously known as fum1n, i'm 28 and the owner of the Project-7 LTD Company, I'm also the LEAD PROGRAMMER & ADMIN.

    Beware of imitators and please wait for a timely response from myself and the staff as we're extremely active but we're a 400,000 size community!

    My sig was too long :P

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