I have used many cheats in the past and even made my own. I used to use Hexui on CSGO and heard that P7 came back and I rushed over, I couldn't find the site xD so i just gave up. But I recently found it, here's my 1 week review.

Price 10/10 - Most cheats that are ESEA UD are very expensive or exclusive to big pros and streamers. I would say best price around!!!

Features 10/10 - Very good EVERYTHING!!!

ESP - Simple but very good!
Trigger - Love it, may be my favorite!
MISC - Love everything!!!

Security 1000/10 - UD on everything except CEVO, lol idk how but it isnt UD on it, but still great to use.

Support 10/10 - All admins and Devs are very nice and straight forward about every question and statement. I get reply in atlest 24 hours, always helps with my problems!!!

Would I use this over my own cheat? I sell for 400 dollars for Aimbot and Tele on ESEA lol, I love the cheat and I would rec this to any people who cant afford my cheat or the top priced ones. I use both and i just like to review, and even If I don't use it I will till support and pay every month!!!!!!

All around Great cheat and would use 10/10