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    Evolu7ion Review

    1. Project-7 Features

    Project-7 stands out from other cheat providers purely because it provides something they don't. It improves your game play legitimately!!. While other 'Hacks' provide you a wider variety of tools (No Recoil, Headshot/Rage tools etc) Project-7 provides you with the ability to hack effectively and at the same time improve your own game play. Now while you no doubt think your a god among Russian children when your playing on DustII and headshotting people with your AK Cyka Blyat, It will be a month or so until you've realized a VAC wave is incoming and actually by running around with no recoil at all if anything you've lost some of your skill. Why learn a weapons recoil when you simply don't need too. This is where the developers at Project-7 took it a step further, They didn't provide you with a 'No-Recoil' they gave you something more.

    • VRA

    Visual Recoil Assistant - This is one of the most ingenious tools i have seen in a hack. When enabled this feature will place an additional small (custom settings available) cross-hair on your screen, When you unleash hell with your AK-47 the VRA cross-hair will then kick into action showing you the weapons spray pattern. What does this mean ?? It means if you cant control your spray or haven't committed the pattern to memory this will show you. While spraying you simply need to aim the VRA onto your target. This in turn after a couple weeks of use will teach you the effective spray patterns of each individual weapon, before you know it you wont even need it and you will be ranking up like a boss!
    Amazing tool, Useful and the first recoil assistant iv'e seen come with a hack, Would highly recommend buying the hack just for this alone! 11/10

    • Removals

    ​ Remove Smoke, Remove Flash, These two features effectively speak for themselves, They allow you to see through the smoke and to never be blinded by a flash-bang duh!. Pretty common, Pretty simple, Pretty Good, Use with caution obviously.
    Does what it says on the tin, They both work, they are both basic but effective, wouldnt use them myself as its too obvious but had no problems with either tool 8/10

    • ESP

    One of the most sought after and requested features in CSGO. The ability to see through walls and know where your enemy is before they know where you are. Project-7 do this all too well, The options alone are to big to name each one but heres a few: Box, Line, Head, Name, Skeleton, Weapon, The list continues, Each option is available as you see fit. Toggle box and line, Just head, Box line head name. It will literally suit every users need, Each option is also available in a wide set of colors. Although the more common 'Glow' ESP isn't an option the fact that there are so many others and you can make each one match your needs you'll forget all about that soon enough.
    Works well, Sometimes kicks in with the ESP a little 'last minute' but still plenty of time to react. The options to customize are impressive and the tool works well 9/10

    • Trigger

    Probably the second (If not joint first) requested tool in the CSGO Hackers repertoire. The Trigger Bot, The ability to have inhuman reactions and the ability to shoot your enemy as soon as 1 pixel of their dick sticks out from behind the wall. Project-7 gives you a few interesting options. Toggle - Speaks for itself, Its either always on or its not. 'When key is pressed' - Allows you to select from 3-4 (maybe more) keys on your keyboard that will enable the trigger bot when they are held down, Useful if you want to seem more 'Legit' and not be running around spraying everyone in sight. And a 'Sniper Only' Mode - Essentially the trigger bot will only fire when your zoomed in with a sniper, Obviously useful for when you have an AWP and need that vital flick shot to clutch the round.
    This has been hit and miss, Probably the one let down this hack has. Sometimes toggle works, Others it does nothing, The only key that works (for me) is ALT, Sniper Mode works flawlessly Just ensure you disable the other Trigger options otherwise you run around trying to No-Scope plays across the map which is obvious as fuck. One thing i will say is the Dev Team at Project-7 are currently working on this and the support has been excellent. It only receives a low score due to paying for a product and not receiving it (YET!) 7/10
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________


    Iv'e been using this cheat solidly across multiple accounts now for over a few weeks, While that intitially isnt much time i am yet to receive a VAC ban. There are members of the Forum who you can talk to that have been using Project-7 for over 6 months and im sure there are some using it for over a year. Ive used the hack regularly on MM and FaceIt and it works flawlessly with no suspicious activity and no bans. At the time of writing and speaking to members of the community and staff Project-7 Evolu7ion is currently Undetected across ALL platforms.

    • Matchmaking - Undetected
    • FaceIt - Undetected
    • ESEA - Undetected
    • CEVO - Undetected

    Project-7 Comes in at a reasonable 25 Euro, Now while that is higher than a few (And a lot cheapers than most) the money is worth the product. Your paying for a feature rich hack but most of all your paying for security. You can go pay for your other hacks that has a few players VAC banned for using the wrong Config, Or for using it too often, Or even for just logging on and its a shit hack. NOT WITH THIS! Project-7 prides itself on its security. And at the time of writing, I have to agree, As im sure the other members with 1/2+ years will agree with. Secure - Lethal - Private

    The staff are very supportive answering any questions you have and fixing any problems within a few hours on the forum, They also provide Skype and other means of contact should you want your issue resolved sooner. The lack of support threads on the forum only do the hack justice. One minor is the fact that once support threads are closed you arent able to see them again, This requires each person tp create a thread which has more than likely been created 100 times. Personally i would like to see a 'General/Quick Fixes' thread with all the minor issues readily available for people to have a look over. Just a thought.

    OVERALL 8/10
    Project-7 Evolu7ion is a well rounded and well made hack for the CSGO community. Its has allot of thought and depth put into it by the Devs and in reality it does stand out from the crowd. The unique features and added security for a Premium Hack make it worth the money. Once all features are stable and working consistently (Trigger) there's no reason this hack wouldn't be a 10/10.

    I was not asked to write this review neither was i paid for writing. I am not part of the staff or have any affiliation with them. I simply wished to leave a review for a well rounded hack so others can make a decision on whether to part with their hard earned cash. I did incorporate screenshots into this to show you some of the features however due to my computer being a total cunt i cant add them. HAPPY HACKING!!!!

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    Thanks on an honest review. Security is our biggest concern and we are actively improving triggerbot.
    Adding those screenshots would be amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan View Post
    Thanks on an honest review. Security is our biggest concern and we are actively improving triggerbot.
    Adding those screenshots would be amazing.
    Ill get them added tonight mate, Such an awesome BOT hope my review didnt come across as negative it wasnt meant to be, A 8/10 from me is probably a 15/10 off anyone else lol, And its a quick fix for the trigger no doubt, Keep up the good work im a happy customer :)

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    The Quick fixes thing is being created, more like a Not Working FAQ sticky.

    Great feedback

    thx bro

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    Is Evolution undetected on ESEA or you are talking about evolan?

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    They are both fully UD

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