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    Project-7 ESEA CSGO Cheat | Evolu7ion

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    Is it still ESEA undetected?

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    Isn't ESP impossible in ESEA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kysou View Post
    Isn't ESP impossible in ESEA?
    It's not impossible. ESEA takes screenshots so if you get reviewed you get banned from the screenshot that they see with ESP enabled. Most people use EvoLan for ESEA.

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    The warmup isn't edited, the in-game is.

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    It's esea @BuddyBoi
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    undetected? can i buy it?

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    Hi i have been vac in like the 5th game on mm calibrating why is it so i only used this hack on the first two games is it still undected ?

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    You probably were playing blatant and got Untrusted Banned. Don't use a ridiculously low delay. Untrusted Bans turn into VAC Bans after awhile.

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