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    hello, looking to buy csgo cheat that pass Faceit client side AC, and im little confused, there seems two options, first i need to buy membership to gain access? than choose either Evolu7ion, or Ultra? question, which one work with faceit client side anticheat? (not server side) and another question, is both Evolu7ion & Ultra work on ESEA no detection yet? Thank you
    I replied to your presale question thread.
    Feel free to ask me anything about the cheat!
    Buy Premium | Available Cheats | Premium Support | Purchasing questions
    I will not answer any support related questions over PM!

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    I purchased premium but I don't see an option to download anywhere?

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    Pre-payment question about post-payment. After paying through a card-linked paypal, what exactly shows up as the payment information?
    Does it show this: PREMIUM Membership - Undetectable CSGO Multi-Cheats Subscription?

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    Please do not use this thread for pre-sale questions..

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This thread is aimed at trying to answer as many common questions about P7 and our associated subscriptions/software as possible for new members.

    How long has P7 been operational and selling premium subscriptions?
    Project-7 opened its doors in December 2005 dominating the CSS cheating market and continuing on to CSGO

    When was your last detection?
    Project-7 software uses a hybrid ring0-ring3 cheat framework giving ultimate security as never seen before in a cheat, we have implemented an emergency cheat disabling system in case of any security breach. We have not had a single detection since before 2010.

    Which 3rd party Anti Cheats are Supported?
    P7 Supports **ESportal, ESEA, ESL Wire, FaceIT Client & Server, CEVO, EAC, Gamersclub, KAC, SMA and more.

    Is there an Aimbot included in Framework?
    Yes, however, we offer only a legitimate aimbot, our cheats are not designed for fighting other cheaters. We are firm believers in smaller legitimate advantages rather than rather large and obvious ones.

    Which games do you support:
    We support CSGO only to provide a specialized service for our valued customers.

    What kind of customer support do you offer:
    24/7 365 - Support from a team of highly trained cheat specialists via Email, Forum, Skype and TeamViewer .

    If I buy a Premium Subscription, will I get EvoLan and Evolu7ion?
    Yes, you will get access to both software with the same premium subscription.

    Is it possible to get Lifetime Premium?
    We do not sell lifetime access to our products.

    Do you sell Private Builds?
    Periodically when our programming team has extra time it is possible, private message Josh for more information.

    Is it possible to pay with a Wallet Code or Skins?
    Absolutely no we do not accept virtual currency or items for payment. We accept only PayPal & Bank Transfer.

    Can I get a discount?
    To protect the integrity of our customers who paid full purchase price we will never offer discounted prices.

    Why is your Cheat more expensive than others?
    We have the most advanced security framework giving you the highest quality protection. We also limit our customers to prevent leaking and other problems associated with large userbases.

    Can I use my anti-virus at the same time as the software?
    Yes - absolutely!

    Can I get a refund if I don't like the software?
    After you access the premium area of the website we can not offer a refund under any situation as you will have received your virtual item.

    Do you support non-English countries?
    Absolutely 100%, we have a global userbase.

    What is ULTRA subscription?
    Please refer to

    Can I use the Premium Software after my subscription ends?
    No, when your subscription ends the software will cease to operate.

    How long does it take after purchasing before I can get access to the Premium Cheats?
    Instantly you will be granted access to our Premium Forums that contains everything you need to get going.

    **Bypass status for 3rd party anti-cheats can change periodically due to updates on the Anti-Cheat clients, when there is an update we work around the clock to find a new solution.

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