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    My Review.

    Hi guys this is my honest opinion on the p7 cheats,

    When purchasing the hack I was very happy with the layout and the ease of injecting it, but the next day I purchased this I got a vac ban ( not p7 fault ) esea was targeting a small group of people and unfortunately I was one of them, if you have been effected by this do not let it deter you from using it in the future.

    I then purchased another copy of cs and used the evolan ( which is actually amazing ) and have been using this for over 8 days with no issues at all... I can honestly say evolan has improved me massively as a player as you can adjust the pre fire rate so it's a legit as you want... staff are helpful and the guides are easy to follow.

    Triggerbot 10/10
    Secure 10/10
    Layout 10/10
    User friendly 10/10

    In future guys try not to be so blatant with your hacks, pre aiming through walls is just stupid. If your smart about things you will never be detected, as p7 have this shit on lockdown.

    I recommend anyone to try this hack for yourself, I usually go 30-40 kills a game


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    Great review thanks for your contribution!

    +rep =]

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    30-40 kills a game? Sick! Teach me senpai :D

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