Evolu7ion Framework (CS:GO) [VIP-CHEAT]

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    Evolu7ion Framework (CS:GO) [VIP-CHEAT]

    Evolu7ion is a fully operational, undetected and customizable cheat made for normal users just like you.
    Over the past few years, many players had access to this special cheat and we managed to keep it fully undetected since release (that's over 4 years!) for price of €24.95 per month, or €59.95 for 3 months!

    This is a virtual service and you are not eligible for any kind of refund after purchase since you will gain INSTANT ACCESS to our software after purchase.

    • VAC Secure
    • KAC Secure
    • SMAC Secure
    • ESEA Secure
    • ESL Wire Secure
    • CEVO Paladin Secure
    • Faceit AC Secure


    • Dynamic Bounding Box ESP
    • Head Hitbox ESP
    • Name ESP
    • Health ESP
    • Line ESP
    • Flash ESP - (Shows when players are blind)
    • Weapon / Weapon + Ammo ESP
    • Skeleton/Bone ESP
    • Grenade ESP (Flash/Molotov/HE/Decoy/Smoke)
    • Info ESP - (Shows KDR)
    • VRA – Visual recoil assistance
    • Radar Unlock - Show all players on game's radar
    • Full Customization of Colors, Size and Positioning


    • No smoke
    • No flash


    • Flash warning – Tells you whether you're flashed or not (works well whilst using no flash)
    • Defuse warning – Lets you know when an enemy CT player is the defusing the bomb.
    • Customisable Croshair
    • Panic key / Disable every feature (doesn't uninject)
    • Timestamp and Watermark – Lets you know the time + shows the cheat watermark (both can be disabled) Menu
    • Our cheat includes a triggerbot as well! The triggerbot has 5 different modes + sniper mode, it is undetectable by any anti cheat and will always shoot at the right time to make you look legit (EVEN TO SLOW MOTION REVIEWS!)
    • Project-7 StoneWallŪ Technology - Advanced Valve Anti Cheat(VAC) Protection

    Purchase Information
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    Feel free to ask me anything about the cheat!
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    Hey, is this external (so you can stream with it) ?. How long have you bypassed ESEA? Is this just one of those cheats which are bypassing for a week then later just doesnt update? How long without vac detection? If this box esp really works on esea im ready to buy asap. I can even donate more on the side lol, Ive been looking for ESP for esea since 2013 :P

    Thank you very much and I hope we can talk some in PM if you have time. Big regards!

    Edit; Is it easy to setup? I recently came back to CS and just bought aimjunkies to rank up an acc in MM but they had me follow a video tutorial for 40(!) mins and I needed a custom boot on my computer and a lot of other stuff.. To use this ESP on ESEA, do I need to play in window mode and do 1000 different settings on my computer? Thanks mate, would love to talk to someone in charge here. Cheers.
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    This is an internal cheat. Visuals will be visible to both screenshots and streams.
    We have never been detected on ESEA nor we have ever been detected by VAC.
    Every single feature works on ESEA as intended. However! That does not mean you cannot get manually reviewed.

    You recieve 2 cheats in one package, the Evolu7ion and the EvoLAN. Both are ESEA secure.
    You have been warned, in case you decide to buy our most secure software for just €26.95 a month, do it fast as we are thinking about raising the price due to our unbeatable security!

    Kind regards,
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    Yes, our software is known for easy use.
    You download the cheat, setup the account credentials, start the game and run our cheat. Simple as that :D

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    Alright DIV7NE. Im very greatful for your answer and a purchase is incoming. And seriously dude, you should ABSOLUTELY RAISE THE PRISE A LOT. It doesnt matter if you raise it to 75 euro/month, everyone will buy it anyway. People buy this kinda cheat as private cheats for around 250-500 bucks so its absolutely insanity that you only take 26 eur. I fucking love you, seriously you made my day with this amazing cheat I cannot understand how I havent known about you until now.

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    If you are interested into buying custom private cheats, you should message p7cheats on skype.
    The price starts at a really modest price of €300

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    Im very interested but I will test this hack first of all. I reckon the privates are kinda similair and therefor I will have more security becouse its a custom build but I dont think you can code a complete new cheat from scratch which is external and works on ESEA so I dont know really. I will for sure talk to you guys on skype and we might figure something out after Ive tried this. One more thing; Can you just send me a PM or write here the steps you need to do when you have downloaded the hack to get started? Some stuff like AERO mode doesnt work on my computer and Im far from a tech guy and I just want to be sure that I can get this hack to work on my pc. Thank you so much for all of your answers, sorry if Im being annoying with all the retarded questions :P Im a player not a coder and I just know how to cheat not how to get it working so I just wanna be sure.

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    You don't need any instructions.
    You just have to make sure you have the 2012, 2013 and 2015 redist files, join a game and inject. Simple as that :D

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    Wow, sounds great. Will buy and play as a maniac, cya in the testimonal section after Ive played a while :D You are amazing!

    By the way, can you have both cheats active at once? To have the trigger from the other hack with your ESP from this :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIV7NE View Post
    No, you shouldn't inject both cheats at the same time.
    The Evolu7ion has both ESP and a working triggerbot, but it's not as customisable as the EvoLAN's
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    Feel free to ask me anything about the cheat!
    Custom private cheat consultation | Skype : P7Cheats

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