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    hello just bought a csgo cheat whre do i dwonload it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by miguel404 View Post
    hello just bought a csgo cheat whre do i dwonload it?
    You download the software in the Premium Area (there's 2 purple buttons)

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    Does this work on faceit anti cheat?

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    Potentially with an exploit ye, we haven't done any extensive testing yet.

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    is evolu7ion undetected in CEVO and FaceIT since update? Thanks for your answer
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    Is the cheat still ESEA ud and can you use it in 1024x768 stretched?

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    Hi guys I wanted to ask you a question because I wanted to buy these tricks I wanted to know nn you risk VAC BAN? you can use even in the comp? because I would have 3 friends who would like to buy it and we wanted to figure out a moment :) thanks in advance guys :)

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    still ud? or u will write it on site if it will be detected

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    Quote Originally Posted by ulikezecheats View Post
    ok ty, ill think about a purchase
    quick thing though, lets say i was to buy the custom private build you guys offer for 300, can that have a screenshot cleaner or something like that?
    so, what have he said? :)

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    I to am about to buy this, I just wanted Trigger and charms for esea and MM. Does this cheat have CHARMS ? I find with charms on line of sight it makes me SO much sharper.. Rather then the standed player models. Does it have charms or is that something for CPC ?

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