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    Hey there p7. Ive heard amazing things about you so I felt forced to check in and got totally mindblown when I saw that you got 2 cheats undetected on ESEA. Ive played with ESP since early 1.6 (2004 or so, yeah nolifer I know) and I have been searching for ESEA ESP for 3 years, had a few cheats since then on ESEA but they didnt last longer than a couple of weeks.. I have a few questions to you;

    Is it easy to setup? Do I need to configure my computer, install new boot and boot from them and such? Other cheats does this and its really annoying and always something is getting fucked up :(

    Is it external, the ESP? I mean can you use it on twitch/screenshot proof? If not, is it planned to maybe try to make an external esp? Hard to cheat on ESEA if you dont have ss proof.

    Im ready to purchase a month and test it out but I would love to have some answers to these questions first. Im not interested in any triggerbots or so I just want a good ESP which either works on twitch OR ESEA.

    Im a pretty known player and streamer (semi pro, playing for a tier 3 EU team) and our games are mostly online and much of my time is spended on ESEA so it would be absolutely amazing if your ESP is totally secure there. I have a knife collection of about 6000 USD on my account so I guess I need to buy a smurf and start playing on that? Or are you so secure that you can guarantee no bans? I mean ofc I can get banned if Im playing obvious but over 10 years with ESP and never got a single ban except from ESL 6-7 years ago I think I can keep hide it well.

    Sorry for my english, Im just so excited that I cant even think now ;D Do you guys have any livechat, skype or teamspeak? Would absolutely love to talk to you guys. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!

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    Questions has been answered in the sales thread. Sorry for asking at 2 places at once, I thought I made a misstake after my first post in the sales thread and therefor did this thread but got responce in the sales thread so we continued talking there. Staff can feel free to close this thread. Thank you for your answers, Im looking forward to be a loooong time customer to this amazing providers.

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