Project-7 CSGO Cheats - EvoFREE 5.2

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    Project-7 CSGO Cheats - EvoFREE 5.2

    • Offset update
    • Security Update
    • ESP size changed

    • Dynamic 3D ESP
    • Powerful Triggerbot

    • Launch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as usual.
    • Launch the cheat's .exe file, press any key and play!
    • If nothing shows in the game, but the cheat is loaded, use command "cl_showfps 0" in CS:GO console.

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    Feel free to ask me anything about the cheat!
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    how to triger

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    instant vacation

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    What is the menu key?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caio Master View Post
    What is the menu key?
    There is no menu in free hack!

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    is the hack undetected, i mean does it have regular updates to keep it from getting detected?

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    Is it detected at the moment or is it safe to use?

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    How to turn on triger?

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    it doesn't work for me ...

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