How to get Faceit cheat

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    How to get Faceit cheat

    Hi! I am reading that you guys are UD on Faceit client correct?

    But i don`t see the cheat that provides this. What steps do i need to take to subscribe for the cheat that supports FACEIT client?

    And what does it cost 1 month?

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    Afaik the cheat is being updated to support faceit client.

    €24.95 - 1 month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allvar View Post
    Afaik the cheat is being updated to support faceit client.

    €24.95 - 1 month.

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    Okay. I just need to be clear. Answer both questions separatly please.

    1.Does the cheat work with Face it ANTICHEAT client RIGHT NOW?

    2. Does the cheat work with ESEA Premium Anticheat CLIENT right now?

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    The software is undetected on both anti cheats, but at the moment it does not inject along with the Faceit client being open.
    It does, however, work with ESEA.

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    hi work for faceit ac or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amin_naja View Post
    hi work for faceit ac or not?
    Yes it works fine.
    Feel free to ask me anything about the cheat!
    Buy Premium | Available Cheats | Premium Support | Purchasing questions
    I will not answer any support related questions over PM!

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    its working on FACEIT ANTICHEAT? no serveside, FACEIT CLIENT AND FACEIT ANTICHEAT? thx and ESEA is still working now?

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    is this still working on esea and faceit anticheat ? if i buy this this for 17 years ?
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    Yes! an Admin has already answered the question.

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