My experience with FaceIt

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    My experience with FaceIt

    I was happy to hear P7 support to the new FaceIt client anti cheat so I purchased earlier on.

    With about 30 minutes of work configurating the Bypass for Faceit and a few minutes setting up Evolution I was cheating on FaceIt in my first match.

    Good Points
    • Legit csgo cheats (3 cheats are included in 1 subscription for just 24e)
    • Humanized triggerbot and recoil system
    • FaceIt Bypass
    • Undetectable on multiple platforms
    • Updates often & Admins/Staff 247 support
    • Simple in-game interface that lets you setup the configuration very easily
    • Professional installation - I simply ran Setup.exe and now I have shortcuts on my start menu to launch the cheats.

    Bad Points
    • No Aimbot (They say its detectable)
    • No Anti Aim for using against other hackers ( same reason^^ )
    • Triggerbot doesnt shoot through smoke grenades

    Tnx and respect
    Contact me on Steam: 44Killer18

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    Vip since 3 months, sometimes there is problem with update but always josh is update for newest as fast as he can so give break to him.

    I'm happy also with the new FaceIt bypass i am smashing down people online with the human triggerbot

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    Thanks for the review, so you have only close visuals and human triggerbot on faceit client?

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