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    Project-Ultra - CSGO [Ultra Membership] for Legit Cheating

    I'm proud to present some of my highest quality of coding to date. a Hybrid between the ring3 and ring0 area in your virtual ram allows us to Cheat undetected like never before.

    Buy Now *Instant Access*

    Project-7 ULTRA
    aka CSGHOST Features:

    • Advanced Virtual Driver bypassing all current Anti Cheats
    • Easy To use
    • Working on Windows 7/8/10 x32/x64
    • Optional Start Menu/Desktop Shortcuts in the installer
    • Support for VAC, FaceIT Client AC, ESEA +++
    • Groundbreaking Legit Aimbot aka 'CSGhost'
    • Trigger Bot 2.0 - Total Overhaul of Triggerbot system, now with an option to shoot through smoke, windows and more!
    • Sound Trigger ESP - Aim through the walls, if you're aiming at an enemy you will hear a sound
    • Sound Radar ESP - A radar made with sound (sonar beeping)
    • Keys System aka 'KFK' (25 hotkeys assignable to specific/multiple functions)
    • ULTRA User Config (Configuration Manager) - Configuration by the user for every weapon to have its own settings
    • User Leaderboards (<link removed>) - See who's the best ULTRA Player.
    • Autoshoot, Autoduck, Bunnyhop, Rapid Fire
    • No Flash, Flash Warning
    • Autostrafe, AutoCrouch
    • Vulnerable Enemy Warning
    • Grenade Sound Warning
    • No Recoil - No Visual Recoil - No Weapon Recoil - 100% Customizable
    • Lan Mode
    • League Mode
    • Every variable is customizable via config system
    Windows 7 or newer.

    Buy Now *Instant Access*

    ULTRA is a Modular cheat with an advanced ring0-ring3 dual framework which has been in development since 2015, finally, the full engine of the cheat is done and it is available for early access purchase here:

    When you purchase you also get a USB copy of the software

    USB Design:

    Attachment 2353

    In Real Life:

    In my PC:

    Buy Now *Instant Access*

    Now here are some streams of me testing the early versions of Ultra online in competitive mode

    More details, media available soon!!

    Buy Now *Instant Access*

    As we pass through the early access and almost have reached the finalisation of our software, I'd like to share with you the newest USB design I've just received via shipment.

    If you'd like to check out some videos of Ultra in action we have some new ones coming soon however this thread will give you all the information you need to know about our new advanced lifetime cheat, Project Ultra - CSGO Skill Increaser, professional cheat, lan cheat, league cheat, wallhack, sound esp & aimbot. Project-7 CS GO cheats Project Ultra sports Full support for ESEA & FaceIT + Guaranteed VAC security. Project Ultra introduces also an industry-leading feature called BCOS - Bootable Cheating Operating System

    Look at this beautiful Eye Candy, loaded with Premium Suite & Ultra:

    All sticks come with 256bit file encryption & premium software packages as a bonus.
    They're a minimum of 8GB in size so it's even possible to request a custom copy of Windows with just Steam & Ultra Installed. We are offering the option of 2 models of USB, same specs different purpose with 2 configurations available for Each.

    Buy Now *Instant Access*
    Model 1: Matt Black W/ slidable USB for use on Tower PC's features a Matt Black design, regular sized 8GB USB with military grade 256 encryption + extras. This model is designed for Home Users or people who intend to use the stick on Tower PC's that are usually black in colour, to blend in.

    Model 2: Light Blue Ultra Micro USB (Same 256bit encryption & 8GB space) features a ultra compact USB that can literally fit inside a tower or laptop without showing, Size wise it is around 25% smaller than a regular USB receiver for a Wireless Keyboard or Mouse it comes also with a free Keyring so you can carry your cheat wherever you go.

    (8GB P7 Ultra (Micro) Size vs regular Wireless USB Receiver)

    Config 1:
    • Blank Windows 7 OS X64 Ultimate w/ Project Ultra (Bootable Cheating Operating System - BCOS)
    • 10 pre-made configurations
    • 256bit encryption
    • Comes as an Image burned inside of Operating System

    Config 2:
    • Project Ultra
    • All required Frameworks
    • 10 pre-made configurations
    • Setup Wizard
    • 256bit encryption
    • Bonus software (Paid & Legit) +++

    Stickers & Merchandise also included!

    We have now a limited amount which is being tested, configured and shipped to Early Access purchasers for Christmas. Please note after the Early Access period expires there will be a +100€ Price increase and for the Micro USB model it will be 10 Euros more. (This price doesn't apply if you purchase now before Final release)

    We will be shipping out the first USBS for Early Access this week, just awaiting stickers arrival!! The box will be revealed soon!

    All written information regarding this membership and the software you gain access to upon purchasing is informative and we will not take responsibility if some parts don't match up with the live product, considering this is an early access product you're purchasing.
    The software is provided "as is", meaning no updates, features, etc... necessarily have to get added or released. We are, however trying our best to keep everyone happy.

    More Information can be found on Ultra's official site!

    Thanks from Josh, Jenson, Luke, Nejc, Ivan & Every current Alpha customer of Ultra! See you in the Ultra Member Area

    Buy Now *Instant Access*

    Project Ultra software is only available as part of ULTRA membership to - This software is not available or sold seperately.
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