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    Quote Originally Posted by marokinox View Post
    I'm buying it from you tomorrow, but i need to know. what is going to be the fee's for canada? i live in quebec montréal, please let me know.
    The Early Access is €115 with USB + Shipping (with tracking). Early Access is available digitally while the USB sticks are in shipping to my office.

    Quote Originally Posted by frost92 View Post
    @marokinox For Canadians like you and I it's fairly expensive... 115$ euro converts to ~ 170$ CAD
    For you may seem expensive but for me this is hundreds and hundreds of hours, years of work finally compiled into the best cheat Project-7 has ever created for the current CSGO scene.

    Quote Originally Posted by Taazuma View Post
    this is insane, good work! I will buy it ofc.
    Thanks for support!

    Quote Originally Posted by onbekend View Post
    Just wait Josh told us this weekend it can be preorderd.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bajdik View Post
    where it can e ordered???
    Via the website on Friday.

    Quote Originally Posted by xAnon1337 View Post
    Payday Tuesday i know what im treating myself to ;)
    :D Thanks for support

    Quote Originally Posted by budstah View Post
    I paid for P7 for one month already. For the faceit AC cheat its another $100?
    No, P7 is working with FaceIt Client if used correctltly. Ultra 1.0 will be 100% 1 click compatible with FaceIt Client out-of-box

    Quote Originally Posted by godar1 View Post
    for us clients , will the cheats be free ?
    No but there is a 50% discount offer in exchange for alpha and beta testing.

    Early access will be available on Friday night with instant digital access to the cheat. The cheat is currently in Alpha with some bugs which is the point of Early Access. We have 1000 USBS in production and assembly which will be arriving early next month. Before christmas we will be shipping out the Physical USBS. Until then all people who purchase can download.

    The leaderboards and community functions are currently under web development (web api to steam & discord for the cheat to use), ETA December.

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    Please @Josh Pick ME :D I want to test the ALPA AND BETA TODAY :D and ofcourse I can Pay you at the same moment :D hope to hear from you soon :D

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    Physical Packaging has been confirmed

    Currently being printed and cut

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    So do customers get 50% if we get alpha and beta test?

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    Nice design keep up the good work bro!!!

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    how it looks :-P

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    How do I use P7 with faceit anit cheat?

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    Will Visual functions that?

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    whats going on why so slow? :D

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