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    The aimbots going to be something else for sure. So early access is available this weekend, so thats starting friday or? This'll be great

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    for us clients , will the cheats be free ?

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    I paid for P7 for one month already. For the faceit AC cheat its another $100?

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    Payday Tuesday i know what im treating myself to ;)

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    where it can e ordered???

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    Just wait Josh told us this weekend it can be preorderd.

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    this is insane, good work! I will buy it ofc.

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    I'm buying it from you tomorrow, but i need to know. what is going to be the fee's for canada? i live in quebec montréal, please let me know.

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    @marokinox For Canadians like you and I it's fairly expensive... 115$ euro converts to ~ 170$ CAD

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