[SELLING] CS:GO ACCOUNT FOR 30$! ( 2016 MEDAL - 2017 (2x) and operation.

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    [SELLING] CS:GO ACCOUNT FOR 30$! ( 2016 MEDAL - 2017 (2x) and operation.

    Account contains 2017 service medal (2x received) - 2016 service medal (1x) received, bloodhound operation, 1700 hours, after purchase im giving a free steam account boost! if you only want. :)

    After purchase i give all proof about the account recoverys, if you forget about logins.

    okey, here is the details of the account of course.

    - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Frogerza/ - Profile
    - account has 2 day competitive cooldown!
    - rank: currently unranked because i didn't played mm at all, it was LE
    - current lvl (rank) is: 7

    skype: buytubercheap1529258

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    We dont sell accounts here bro

    What is your purchasing question?

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    sorry i though that people sell accs here, can u close the case?

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    but wtf other people are selling accs, why can't i?

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