the "[myg0t]chrono" who think he is me?

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    the "[myg0t]chrono" who think he is me?

    Simple rage w/hack i coded. - - We Steal Your Proofens

    i would like to inform anyone whom thinks this is me you can fucking kill yourself i would produce rage 1000x past this kid who is posing as me for whatever reason?

    lol contact the real chrono:
    irc: #myg0t

    this is pathetic why is some kid posing as me?

    edit: the kid aparently named his myspace after me

    Name: Stephen Bryan
    Birthday: 04/26/91
    Birthplace: Bartow
    Current Location: Bartow
    Eye Color: brown
    Hair Color: red
    Height: 5'7
    Right Handed or Left Handed: right
    Your Heritage: [myg0t]g0d
    The Shoes You Wore Today: who the hell cares?

    now he poses as Fum7n - Fum7n - 16 - Male - BARTOW, FLORIDA - - Fum7n - 16 - Male - BARTOW, FLORIDA -

    LOL Pathetic

    also heres a few pictures of "[myg0t]chrono" who has changed his myspace to Fum7n for more posing i guess the kid can't pick who he wants to be

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    him and his jew friend holding hands.

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    O so he lieks the cawk.

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    ha hes regged on myg0t forums as
    Registration IP Addresses

    * Shazbot [Find Posts by User] [View Other IP Addresses for this User]

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    I can see the lag forthcoming on his computer. Let the raging begin.

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    taken care of chrono.... His referrer here on P7 is Shazbot. kik

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    shit, was wondering what was up with chrono
    didnt seem like you.

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    and u got red hairs luls
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