Psycho MultiHack V 3.0

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    Psycho MultiHack V 3.0

    Instructions and keybinds:
    F5 Rapid fire, Hold mouse 5 and it will fire fast, usefull for pistols
    F6 Bunnyhop, unbind space, bind 9 "+jump" otherwise it will not work.
    F7 Triggerbot, Just aim at enemy and it will shoot.
    F8 Clears screen incase it gets spammed.

    Instructions for bunnyhop (bhop):
    open csgo console and type(MUST DO FOR BHOP TO WORK!):
    unbind space
    bind 9 "+jump"
    And than just hold space for bhop.

    Incase you get an Error that says "Missing DLL blabllab.dlll" download the Visual c++ redistributable 2010.

    Hack has been tested on Windows 7 64 bit.


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    Is it work and undetected?

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    There's been a new patch so use with caution ! 5th of March

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    will test

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    vac save ?

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