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    Signatature order

    so I would like to have a better sig and I seach someon with some experience ans skill. I would like to have a animated sig in matrix still with this parts:

    1.: The Matrix code

    So this matrix code should move from the top to the bottom and should be a bit fade. The postionion of the code should be on the left side of the sig.

    2.: The background

    The background should simply look cool ;) I would like anything like this (plz other color) but let your fantasy play:

    3.: The avatar

    I dont need an avatar realy but if you have one that looks like a bit as hacking and is not neo ;) just try it out.

    3.: The nickname

    So it would be cool if the nickname could begin in the Matrix code so that the code would make the nickname visible. The nickname is Suchtkr?ppel and if this is posible another writing with god of war in an other corner of the sig.
    The scripture should look like coding or hacking scripture.


    So, I pay for a realy successful sig. Just say me the priece you want to have for the sig and I will pay (no noob prices like 100€ or something crazy).

    So let your fanatsy play ;)
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    wrong forum maybe someone can move this to gfx arear
    For any help & requests or to discuss current discounts, you can contact me on Skype.

    Skype: P7FRAKTAL

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    ohhh damit xD
    [wrong forum maybe someone can move this to gfx arear]
    yeah that would be great

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    Hello good sir! I am a trained professional in Graphic Art and can do this. How much money am I looking at though?

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    dude, go to a gfx forum and u can request one for free.

    whats the point of paying for a signature? its stupid if u ask me as i dont think no1 will pay for a signature

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    10€ if its prosible ;)

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    Ty Sparky.
    So Im hope someone could do this job :D

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    so you want the animation on the left, or the whole sig area? u also want the animation to be blurred in and have a renderless background correct? if so im up for it

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