Making a transparent spray for cs:s

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    Making a transparent spray for cs:s

    Ok first you will need photoshop cs2.

    Here is a torrent that works for it: File: Adobe.Photoshop.Pro.CS2.v9.0.Full.ISO.+.WORKING.Ke ygen.torrent
    ( if you need help cracking it feel free to ask)

    Then file>new then a window will pop up looking like this:

    Make it 512 by 512 pixels. Then click ok.

    Then you will get a window like this.

    Now we will strat by adding text for doin this clikc the text tool. Like this:

    Now when you click this drag a box on the window with the little squares in.
    Now in that little box you made in the window write in there anything you want. I am going to write "project-7"

    Ok so now thats done you can add affects to it by right clicking it here as you will see.

    Now seltect the mod blending options as you will also see in the picture above. A window of the following will apear :

    In that picture you will alos see the mods i have selected my self. I picked : drop shadow
    bevel and emboss
    Gradient overlay

    Now hit ok. So you have made the spray now. Time to make it transparent so to do this down the bottom here click the little folder as seen here:

    Ok click that now you will see a folder apear here:

    Now drag you text or design in there. Now right click the folder and click on the menu "Group into a samrt new object" as see here:

    Now click that and you will see the files change to this :

    Now do the following. hold in "ctrl" and click on the file. you will see it go like this :

    Now click channel as seen here :

    Now also click the small icon as seen here :

    This will make eveything go black as seen here :

    Now do the following press X then followed by D on you keybored, Then hold in shift and press f5. This will happen:

    Now on that don't change anything and hit ok.

    Now file and save it as spray.tga (Note it has to be a tga file)

    Now you spray is done. Just import it into game and your done :D

    Hope i help you with counter strike source spray tage making.

    Sorry some of those screenshots are abit fucked.

    Anyway he is what i finished up making :

    hope you enjoyed using my tut

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    THANKS ! i wanted to do that :D

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    Thxs very much for the tut :)

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    exelent! tks

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    y want a transperent tag... dont u want ppl to see?

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    uhmm i got probs with my comp >.< cant get it to work correctly .. cant open photoshop but i think it works

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    Theres a much easier way to do this, but nice tutorial

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