1st account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/gergedava/

CSGO Prime account (1550 hours, MG2, no cheats were used)
13 years old;
Steam level 10;
Valve Complete Pack;
Original email

2nd account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/poltorov1ch/

VAC banned in CSGO by another cheat;
Some valuable items in CSGO inventory (like Payback/Bravo operations etc.) - maybe will be useful, lol
PUBG (only 1 match played);
GTA 5 (never entered online at all);
Rocket League (never launched a game at all);
Football Manager 2018;
GTA Complete Pack (3,VC,SA,4,Episodes);
Valve Complete Pack
Motorsport Manager;
Steam level 16;

Both accounts are mine. Ready to sell them together for 100$ (PayPal, for Friends)

I am a P7 Ultra customer since January 2018. Need any screens or proofs - just ask.

Hope you will be interested, guys.