A few days with Project-7 have been my best.

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    A few days with Project-7 have been my best.

    I'll start this off with a quick paragraph before rating everything each by each separately. I grasp I'm only a new user thus far, only purchasing this month, and despite what my tag says, I'm also an ULTRA member too! I've no regrets with my purchase though. I'm honestly amazed at the effort they're putting in. A USB & Merch for ULTRA purchases, with a Custom OS designed specifically for Project-7. I've seen it done before, but not to the magnitude Project-7 is going for, and that's honestly a huge point in their favor. I've used every public cheat and even some privates to date. I've coded my own (Externals, if you're wondering, this was after the whole VMT = ban drama, and since I'm precautious, despite my autismo moments, I just coded my own external in C#) and I've been banned a lot, I'll put it out there, with 98% of all the cheats I've used. That 2% was my own external, since my own code, as well as myself and a friend, being the only active users of it. I moved from using it due to wanting to go bigger. My external allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge of playing, aiming wise (Only a tiny aim assist came with my external.), positioning (radar hacks are cool, always.), and so much more. I've played leagues a couple of times without cheats. FACEit itself with cheats on Serverside alone, and prior finding Project-7, I was about to fork out $600 on a Spartan-6 and a PCIeScreamer. Would've been awful for my bank account, let us be honest.
    Then I found P-7.

    So, P-7 boasts 13 years UD, and honestly, that's a huge selling point alone, not even bringing into the fact it bypasses FACEit, ESEA, and most other clients. At the moment, they're working insanely hard on just updates. ULTRA as far as I'm aware gets 2 a week, which is great. I've used it during MM and even with it in BETA right now, I still go positive. It's an insanely legit cheat for advanced users as advertised, and I can't wait for USBs and merch. The Premium for myself, unlike others, I've not yet had the chance to use, due to an issue with my own computer I believe as other users are able to use it without issue, but the support is continuous, and despite no current avail - they are continuing to try and assist me and find out the root cause of whatever is stopping me. I have ULTRA still though, for the next decade and three quarters, so I won't be able to speak AS MUCH on Premium than I can ULTRA.

    Anyway, moving on - the staff, as I've watched for the past couple of months, (Hi cuties.) are genuinely amazing. They're active within the community, continuously assisting, and they're strict on posting in the right sub-sections, as well, we have rules for a reason, otherwise, it'd be anarchy.
    I'll start off with ULTRA.
    When I can, I'll update this with Premium once Support & I figure out the issue. It seems unfair to review it now since I've not used it myself just yet.

    Design: 9/10

    I love the design, I'll be honest. It's simple, and unique in its own way. This is, if you decide to have the Dev Console thing on, of which, I kind of love the look of. I keep it on during MM, Wingman and BR simply because it has that sort of professional feel to it. I can't quite describe it but it's just pleasing to me. Aesthetically and just in general.

    Features: 10/10

    I can't complain on the features, as it is only in BETA right now, but for BETA, it has a good amount of features, and more being added thanks to the community and the suggestions they provide. Josh works super hard, even in the Christmas times to try and release updates, features, and hotfixes for any issues, and for that I throw a solid 10/10.

    Security: 11/10

    This can't even be contested. 13 years of UD cheats. Really think that over in your mind. A whole 13 YEARS. The staff do mean business at P-7, and genuinely can be given right to boast about that. I don't see myself being banned using this, thus far, I'm using this on my main. I grasp that cheating is never really safe, but I've a lot of trust in P-7. They take security more seriously than any developers in the game.

    Support: 10/10

    So, as explained above - I'm having issues myself right now with Premium, and that's likely due to my PC in someway or another as all other users are able to without issue. Thankfully, the staff do not give up easily and will help you continuously until whatever issue you experience is solved (HUGE SHOUTOUT TO DIV7NE FOR CONTINUOUS HELP ON MY ISSUE. HE A REAL G. I AM UPSET HE CAN'T REMEMBER ME. HE'S TOO POPULAR :(((. )

    Price: 10/10

    The price for ULTRA at the time I purchased, was around 108 or 119.99 for Europeans, and for a cheat that's doing AS MUCH as it's doing, and proclaimed to do in the future, as a LIFETIME PURCHASE. That's genuinely insane. Josh could easily raise that to 499.99 and I'd probably still buy. (Still cheaper than a Spartan-6 that's for sure.) 119.99 is genuinly a steal including the USB, Custom OS and other goodies included.

    I have a lot of respect for the P-7 Staff. They're doing so much, and achieving so much at the same time. They're incredible. I look forward to the future with P-7.
    I hope maybe this influenced your decision on purchasing or not. If you've any questions, feel free to ask!

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    Thanks for the review brother!

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    Video coming soon. <3

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    Thank you for your honest review <3
    Feel free to ask me anything about the cheat!
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    I will not answer any support related questions over PM!

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