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    My Review ( FAIR )

    Hello guys,

    So after using the cheat for a week soon I was thinking about a fair, good, and real review ( BUT it's still my opinion ^^ )

    1) The cheat is a bit hard for people never used one or if your not good enough at the game so don't buy this cheat if your goal is to play MM in Nova, start using it with a decent level or you will get Spotted/Banned + is a bit hard to use. But my boys when you use this cheat properly god damn it it's dope.

    GAMEPLAY 9/10

    2) The designe is simple GUI is cool, easy to use maybe a bit buggy but who care about a GUI if there is a .txt hein ? :)

    DESIGN 10/10 / MANIABILITY 10/10.

    3) The features are cool & simple if u take this cheat for visuals go away, there is only 2D Box/Nade alerts ( if that can interest you it's working well )
    The trigger is working well except a buggy double shot.
    The Aim Assist isn't working atm so I can't say a shit and devs are working hard on it.


    4) One of the most important part is THE SUPPORT and yeah oh yeah the P7's support is dope dude, fast and clean ( Thank you DIV7NE for helping me a lot even if I was boring ahah your dope ). + they are working hard on fixing features wich are buggy and for the cheat security you guys are insane.

    P7 Staff 10/10

    So in a short resume, if you buy this cheat as a casual effect go on aim**** ( maybe behind **** it say shit hell yeah ), if like me you wanted to try out before purshasing Ultra GO STRAIGHT ON DUDE, and if you are a expert ( faceit 8/9/10 / ESEA Rank G/A+/A ) Take Ultra cheat and finally for semi-casuals who sometimes do LANs your free to use it without a problem.

    Finally as I said before it's my opinion feel free to get ur own by testing this cheat wich I highly recommend ( for this price you will never get a LAN Cheat ) probably the best cheat I've tested.

    GLOBAL NOTE 9/10

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    Thank you for your honest review <3

    One comment, though
    1) That mainly depends on your knowledge of how the game itself actually works, so it's about the same with pretty much any cheat out there :P
    Feel free to ask me anything about the cheat!
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    I will not answer any support related questions over PM!

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