faceit and esea evaiding bans

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    faceit and esea evaiding bans

    anybody know how to change your for exempel computer id/hardware id to bybass the evaiding system. i was stupid befor that i used 5 dollar cheat on faceit and esea ( dont laugh plz). and now i want to go back to esea and faceit but i evry time i get evaing ban pls help TY// Dojjan

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    will it work?

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    That is the point of a HWID Spoofer, to evade HWID bans, so my guess is yes.

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    do you know any other way faceit and esea use to detect evaidng bans?

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    Change IP, Change HWID (Spoof) Reinstall CS:GO (Delete the whole folder, FACEit used to leave a file that'd ban you the next time you played), Change your Volume Serial, and all that jazz.
    That's as much as you can do.

    Otherwise, if you're dedicated enough, reinstall Windows and maybe just get a new stick of RAM.

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    when you mean ip addreas do you mean mac addres?

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    becasuse i cant find how to change your normal ip adress only mac

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    Quote Originally Posted by dojjan View Post
    becasuse i cant find how to change your normal ip adress only mac
    Depending on whether your router is dynamic or static, you can either restart it and you should be given a new IP (if it's dynamic). If you're unsure of how you can do that, feel free to give your ISP a call and ask them for an IP change, I believe they can assist you, even if you have a static router.
    Feel free to ask me anything about the cheat!
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    I will not answer any support related questions over PM!

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