Evolu7ion Framework (CS:GO) VAC, ESEA & FaceIt Secure Multi-Cheat

Evolu7ion is a fully operational, undetected and customizable cheat made for normal users just like you!
Over the past few years, many players had access to this special cheat and we managed to keep it fully undetected since release (that's over 5 years!) for a price of €24.95 per month, or €49.95 for 3 months and even €99.95 a year!

This is a virtual service which you can buy hereand you are not eligible for any kind of refund since you will gain INSTANT ACCESS to our software after purchase.

  • VAC Secure
  • VACnet AI Secure
  • KAC Secure
  • SMAC Secure
  • ESL Wire Secure
  • CEVO Paladin Secure
  • Faceit AC Secure (serverside)

Unofficially supported and may cause ban anytime:

  • Gamersclub
  • 5EWin
  • Esportal client
  • ESEA


  • Aim Type (off, always on, on key)
  • Aim Key
  • Aim Hitbox
  • Built-in Fov Limitation (only aims for the enemy when xhair is close enough)
  • Built-in Smoothness for Aimbot
  • Auto Shoot
  • Auto Pistol


  • Trigger Mode (off, always on, on key)
  • Trigger Key
  • Double Shot (shoots twice/multiple times instead of once, with a delay)
  • Legit Looking Built-in random delay
  • Flash Disable (disables triggerbot activity when affected by flashbang effect)
  • Sniper Mode (toggleable with a key - Triggerbot will only fire when scoped in with a sniper)


  • Name ESP
  • Health ESP
  • Flash ESP - (box flashes when flashed)
  • Skeleton/Bone ESP
  • Head ESP - (draws a box/cross on enemies' heads)
  • Line ESP - (Draws line from your xhair to enemies' heads)
  • Box ESP - (Draws a box around the enemy)
  • Dropped Weapon ESP
  • Grenade ESP - (Flash/Molotov/HE/Decoy/Smoke)
  • Grenade Box and Line ESP - (Box ESP - draws a box around all grenades // Line ESP - draws a line towards all grenades from your xhair).
  • Full Radar - (shows enemy dots on in-game radar)
  • VRA - (Visual recoil assistance)
  • Crosshair - (draws/forces a crosshair in the middle of your screen)
  • Full Customization of Colors, Size, and Positioning
  • Dangerzone Item ESP *new*


  • No smoke
  • No flash


  • Flash Warning – Tells you whether you're flashed or not (works well whilst using no flash)
  • Defuse Warning – Lets you know when an enemy CT player is the defusing the bomb.
  • Panic key / Disable every feature (doesn't uninject/unload)
  • Timestamp and Watermark – Lets you know the time + shows the cheat Watermark (both can be disabled) Menu
  • Project-7 StoneWall® Technology - Advanced Valve Anti Cheat(VAC) Protection

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