This is a fully operational, undetected, secure and unbeatable LAN cheat. Over the last few years, only PRO players had access to this software. Now we are the first CSGO Cheats Developer which offers a LAN cheat to the public at an unbeatable price of 24.99 per month, or 49.99 for 3 months and even 99.99 a year!

This is a virtual service and you are not eligible for any kind of refund after purchase since you will gain INSTANT ACCESS to our software after purchase.

  • VAC Secure
  • VACnet AI Secure
  • KAC Secure
  • SMAC Secure
  • ESL Wire Secure
  • CEVO Paladin Secure
  • Faceit AC Secure (serverside)

Unofficially supported and may cause ban anytime:

  • Gamersclub
  • 5EWin
  • Esportal client
  • ESEA

  • Human Triggerbot - Most Realistic on Web!
  • Pre Fire Delay - (how many milliseconds it will take to pre-fire an enemy)
  • After Fire Delay - (how many milliseconds until you shoot again)
  • Random Delay - (will include a random delay before you fire)
  • Max Burst - (how many bursts per shot)
  • Sniper Only - (will only use the Triggerbot for snipers)
  • Toggle Enabled - (0 means the Triggerbot is active = 1 means the Triggerbot is inactive)
  • Trigger Key
  • After Shot - (0 = after shot after firing , 1 = no after shot after firing)
  • Basic Aim Assistance

Purchase Information