Auto Junk Code Adder [How To Make Your Paste Undetected]

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    Auto Junk Code Adder [How To Make Your Paste Undetected]

    What this does:
    If you've got an open source cheat/hack and you assume it's detected (most likely is if you just downloaded it from a public forum), you may use this to make it (somewhat...) undetected again with only a few very easy steps!

    How to use it:
    • Reply to this thread and download it below
    • Extract it in the directory that your cheat's source code is in (or your desktop and then drag it in there)
    • Run it as an Administrator (right click --> run as administrator)
    • You will be prompted with a credits window, press "ok" on it and then you will make it to the program's UI
    • On there, there will be quite a few options for you to choose from. I suggest you play around with the values down below every so often (speed means how fast the program will generate the junk code // faster also means it will slow down your computer more)
      At the top, you will also see count, total and passes. The only one that actually matters to you, is "passes" which indicates how many times the program went through your entire project and pasted one line of junk code in each file! (I suggest you go for at least 20 passes to make it safer to use // more = safer, but the cheat will become more unoptimised overtime if you do too many passes!) When you want to stop, just press stop; assuming you already pressed start before.
    • How to check if it worked? If you open your project (or had it open before, already) and simply scroll all the way down in one of the files. If you see random junk code generated, that means it worked perfectly fine!
    • You're pretty much done now! Simply build your project and that should be it!

    AV scan:
    *Hidden Content: Please reply to the thread to unlock the content.*

    *Hidden Content: Please reply to the thread to unlock the content.*

    Available Cheats

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    Feel free to ask me anything about the cheat!
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    ok i will try it

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    let me have a taste

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    Thank u

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    i try :)

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    ohrly lets try

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