[Release] xy0 [CSGO HVH Cheat]

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    [Release] xy0 [CSGO HVH Cheat]

    This is a FREE CHEAT, meant for HvH SERVERS. Both this and the injector are NOT undetected.

    If you are going to use this in MM, make sure it is on a THROWAWAY ACCOUNT.

    Do NOT use this on your main.
    Credits go to:
    put the config here C:\Users\youruser\AppData\Roaming\xyo

    [How to inject]

    • Download any sort of .dll injector (xenos or extreme injector or any other)
    • Run CSGO
    • Attach/add .dll to injector
    • When CSGO has fully loaded, inject it
    • If the game crashes, try injecting in a server (try avoiding VAC secured servers)
    AV Scan:


    • RageBot
    • Visuals
    • Misc
    • SkinChanger
    • ColorPicker
    • WeaponConfigs
    • NoRecoil
    • etc.

    *Hidden Content: Please reply to the thread to unlock the content.*

    *Hidden Content: Please reply to the thread to unlock the content.*

    Enjoy. <3

    I will not answer any support related questions over PM!
    Я не буду отвечать на любые вопросы, связанные с поддержкой личных сообщений!
    Eu não vou responder a qualquer suporte relacionado questões sobre mensagem privada!

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    posted 12 mins ago i have to download

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    Thank you

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    Thanks wil check it out

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