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    So ive only been a member of this cheat for about a day but this is amazing it has all the features you want.

    Aimbot 10/10
    The aimbot is purely amazing I cant believe something can be so legit not even my friends and brother can notice when sitting next to me and its very well made and good for anyone who wants to be very legit.

    Wallhack 8/10
    Personally im not the biggest fan of wallhacks so i have no use for the feature but it gets the job done and its well made but it does not look to appealing and sadly there are no chams.

    Triggerbot 9/10
    The same as the wallhack i dont use this feature much but i do sometimes. Its very good and can be adjusted to the perfect settings well so i would suggest this to noobs XD.

    The cheat altogether gets a 10/10 its very well made and very fun to use it has a good design, very simple and sleek. Its perfect for legit cheating and very good for not having anyone know hope whoever reads this buys it :D

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    Thank you for your kind review! :D
    - Added a few extra days to your subscription as a thank you.
    Feel free to ask me anything about the cheat!
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