Evolan 2.0 and P7-Ultra Question

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    Evolan 2.0 and P7-Ultra Question

    Can someone please answer the community and tell us:-

    • if Evolan 2.0 and/or P7-Ultra is FACEIT Client UD?
    • if any of those cheats lead to any detections on FACEIT Client

    Right now I am confused as to whether believe the threads that are made by the Admins of Project-7 or the people who are using P7-Ultra and saying that it's only UD on FACEIT Server side!

    I've attached a picture if anyone is asking ! thanks
    @Josh @DIV7NE
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    Its currently fully working on faceit and esea.

    Any cheating can lead you to a ban, that is always a chance, however we have 0 bans so far.

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