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    hoiw can i download this where is the lick ?

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    thanks so much man very useful

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    ty will try

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    is this legit?

    Quote Originally Posted by Isabella View Post
    HvH MacOS

    I've been searching for a csgo hvh cheat for mac, found one: HvH hack with Skinchanger (MacOS), but auto wall, and asus wall crashes the game immediately, but I found a fix on this repository by Manigamer22.
    Big thanks to iraizo for fixing the hack after the major update.

    In here the hack uses lib2proc for its injection, and I've also made a video to explain on how to inject the hack using lib2proc.

    To toggle in-game menu, press Left ALT or Insert key. If the ALT keys doesnt work, use Karabiner to change one of your alt keys registry into a insert key registry.

    Features included:
    -Auto Scope
    -Auto Pistol
    -Auto Crouch
    -Auto Shoot
    -Anti Resolver
    -Show Real Angles
    -Defusing Status
    -No Flash
    -Recoil Crosshair
    -Rescuing (for Hostage only) status
    -Dropped Weapons
    -AA Indicators
    -Auto Strafe
    -No Recoil
    -No Visual Recoil
    -Chat spam
    -Clan tag
    -World paint
    -Spec List
    -Anti screenshot
    -Anti untrusted

    Image of the Menu

    Peeps been saying that new updated one was crashing, so i put back the old one.

    Video Instructions on how to inject

    Do not use hvhook.dylib, use libvHook.dylib!

    PS: For everybody that is facing a problem with the skinchanger, i have uploaded a video on how to use the skinchanger properly. To sum up, the instructions are:

    1. Copy skins.ini and skins_preview.html
    2. Create a new folder in your desktop called "Breathless"
    3. Put skins.ini and skins_preview.html inside the new folder that you have just created
    4. Enable skinchanger.
    5. done.

    Video for Skinchanger

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