Advanced Animation System Control [Server Plugin]

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    Advanced Animation System Control [Server Plugin]

    Advanced Animation System Control
    Hello folks,

    since many of you are annoyed by the current state of HvH, I decided to release this plugin to provide some more control over your servers.

    With the plugin you will have access to a new convar named "sv_animstatemode", which will adjust the way user commands are animated.

    0 animates every command in the batch (= default).
    1 animates the first command in a batch (= fake angles).
    2 animates the last command in a batch (= no fake angles).

    If you want to handle this behavior in your cheat, I'd suggest creating the convar on your client and just checking the value.

    For everyone that decided to use an old version of CS:GO to enjoy HvH, this is for you.
    Using old versions restricts you for no good reason and you rely on an outdated buggy engine.

    Simply copy into .../counterstrike_go/csgo/addons

    You should add the "sv_animstatemode" command to your server.cfg so you don't need to set it every time your server restarts.

    To check if the plugin was initialized correctly you can use the command "plugin_print" via rcon.

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    i m gonna try it

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    Thank foi preto

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    thank you so much

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    thank you so much

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    thanks so much bro gonna test this out

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