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    Ultra questions!

    Hey there folks,

    I've been lurking around for few days now and I am interested in buying Ultra sub to play on Faceit with AC. According to what I read, should be working as expected. Yet, are there any restrictions to what features we can use with ACs running (visuals, no recoil, etc..)?
    Do I need any specific setup to run the Ultra, any system modifications, etc..?
    If Ultra for any wierd reason won't work, is there a possibility of refund?
    Am I getting instant access to the cheat and I am ready to play or do I need to wait for USB to arrive?
    Is the ESP, or whatever visible on stream?

    thanks a lot!

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    Also, I have noticed that Evo Lan is bypassing Faceit AC. Is that true? Does that mean with Premium sub you can have product that bypasses Faceit AC (client) if those features are enough for you?

    *Also in my first post I am reffering to Faceit Client AC, not serverside.

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    Thanks for your message LE70TLE* unfortunately I can't reply to your message as I need post count 50. However I appreciate it, cheers man

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