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    Sig Of The Week #1

    Project-7 is hosting a competition in which users compete to create the best Signature. A Signature is a small composition that represents the user, or the users interests. Every Tuesday a line of judges will decide on the winning Signature, or Sig for short. The winners will be posted front page the following day.

    The Contest Takes Place 24:00 Every Friday

     -One Entry Per Person 
    -No larger than 500x150 Pixels. 
    -Must be in GIF, JPG, or JPEG format 
    -No Animation Signatures, Must Be Single Frame 
    -Can Not Submit Same Signature Twice 
    -Must Have Image Displayed In Post, Between "[IMG]" and "[/IMG]" tags. 
    -Please Host Files Off Of Imageshack 
    -You May Not Vote For Yourself
    Rules To Follow:
     -No Nudity Or Pornography 
    -No Spam 
    -Post Will Be Locked Upon Decision 
    -One Post Per User In SOTW Topic, You May Edit The One Post As Many Times As You Wish. 
    -Entries May Be Changed As Many Times As Needed Un till 8:00 PM Every Tuesday. 
    -Have Fun and Be Creative. Your Skills Improve With Every Composition.
     Beta Tester status or VIP if you're allready Beta tester.
    Week 1.
    Theme: Movies, your signature must contain a render/stock/theme from a movie.

    Date entries must be submitted by: Friday 12th October 24:00.

    You may now post your entrys.
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    Nice, good idea to have sig of the week. Ill possibly post entry soon

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    Imageshack was being a pest so I took a quicker one.

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    How come this was never put into a poll :(

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    Not enough people entered.

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    cmon^^ more stuff lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sm0ked View Post
    damn smoked u are a gfx god:cool:;)

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    Thanks sparky :P

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    Oh so how many more entries you need, if you only need 1 more ill post one

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