Spy External 1337hax old school [P7 LEGIT & PROFESSIONAL CSGO HACKS 2020]

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    Spy External 1337hax old school [P7 LEGIT & PROFESSIONAL CSGO HACKS 2020]


    New cheat Spy External 1337hax on CSGO made in the old hack style. If you are tired of all similar cheats to each other, we recommend that you download this free cheat for CSGO made by the developer under the name 0TheSpy. This is a great external hack with a convenient menu and a large selection of features. Everything is very simple and clear, for example aimbot is configurable, triggerbot, visuals, and additionally they add a loading system CFG file to make it easier and not have to set a cheat every time. There are also new features such as: fake prime, kick yourself, bomb timer, various indicators, etc.

    This cheat is supported by the author after each update of the game, so stay tuned on our site so as not to miss the latest versions of the hack.


    Menu key is INSERT

    Game should be in windowed mode

    Run cheat as administrator

    I used Visual Studio 2017, Release / x86

    Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010) must be included

    *Hidden Content: Please reply to the thread to unlock the content.*

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    external best ofc

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    Let's try it in a burn out account

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    thank you bro

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    u ok men?

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