laptops is here ;)

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    laptops is here ;)

    hi, i found out about this site from fkn.
    looks good, ill be on and off posting warez etc....
    i kno fum1n a bit
    greedy cunt ;)

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    welcome dude.;)

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    welcome 2 p7, fkn0wned sux :X

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    Yo laptops! :P

    I'll do the css database u do the cs1.6 database?? :P

    im from fkn0wned 2 btw :)

    i hope i can help you guys

    - €rnie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eskimo View Post
    welcome 2 p7, fkn0wned sux :X
    dito ;) :P

    hf gl
    p7 ftw etc...

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    you WONT be posting any warez, the host dosent allow,
    Last edited by sm0ked; 29th August 2007 at 18:50.

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    Welcome, Hopefully you enjoy it here

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