Ultra 27/Jan/2021

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    Ultra 27/Jan/2021

    -let me start by sayin I've been playing Counter Strike since Version : 1.1 2001

    -Tested ! Tried ! played ! and even got caught numerous times with different cheat engines ( public / private / AI )

    -Ultra been one of the fewest cheat engines that's beentrustworthy and developer is always responsive ( sometimes might take cpl hours to reply but trust me they do )

    -Ultra Cheat engine Settings let your customize your own aimbot speed . type . level you are comfortable with and might take you cpl sessions by tweaking and testing different variables of settings in Pactice with Deathmatch with bots and ingame settings to find your best settings that suites your level of play

    -This product been under development and being upgraded since years and many options and settings been added n modified to the engine it self

    -IF you decided to use this product for FaceIT/Esea and Etc Leagues please make sure to double check with active members of forum or with developer itself !
    As of this moment that I'm writing my review Ultra cheat engine Does not support Leagues with downloadable version of ULTRA ,

    Admin Developer states that only way to achieve to make Ultra to activate on Leagues faceit/Esea & ETC is to have them ship their own customized Encrypted USB version of ULTRA to you . ( keep in mind i m still waiting for my USB to be developed and shipped to me ) it might take cpl months so you must be patient about this matter or else this cheat engine is not for you

    I will give this product 4 star out of 5 keep in mind this is a very honest review ! I will update my review soon as i receive my USB and test the League platforms with it

    Thanks again from Project-7 Support and especially Developer for this great product

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    Thank you for your honest review!

    I also noticed that there are a lot of large coloured fonts!
    Feel free to ask me anything about the cheat!
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