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    P7 Review.

    I have now tested a few days both P7 products as a premium user and now want to give my opinion and my impression of the two products.

    is a very well-designed product, where the ESP has everything important and functional, generally the whole package itself is quite in order, although I ESP and trigger here rather recommend, because unfortunately the Aim-assist here the feature "Aim-Speed" is missing.

    but if you can play with it can certainly capture his joy and success noticeably.

    But my favorite is the Evo Lan

    Evo Lan:
    Evo Lan is in my opinion the better product, he has less than Evolu7ion but is especially regarding the Aim-Assist much better to use.
    With Evo Lan it is noticeably better to play and generally enjoy a more "legitimate" experience.

    I hope Evo Lan gets more attention and the support it needs,
    what I would like to see here is maybe an app,
    or something else to possibly inject remotely or generally just not to inject directly.
    (I don't mean that it's underrated or doesn't get enough attention, but I just hope to be able to use this cheat in more ways.)

    On the whole, it is a much better product as I have heard at first and I am very surprised, I have become aware of P7 through some forums and have actually read a lot of negative, but I have not let that stop me from wanting to make my own experience and I can only emphasize it again I am very surprised and convinced that P7 is a very good product.

    With regards Newbie

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    Thank you for your review! Added some days to your subscription!
    Feel free to ask me anything about the cheat!
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    I will not answer any support related questions over PM!

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