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    Sigs... 101

    ok using photoshop 7.0 making some sigs pondering opinions on what looks best or just wish to request a sig then this thread is for ya..

    so far i'm working on a sig but dont know what font looks best so lemme know whatcha think.



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    moved to correct section.

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    it would be better if the name there was project7

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    what do you mean aknglock? the name is correct...

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    he means in the game

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    know any good sites for photoshop 7.0 tutorials... and imageready 7.0

    i've been using this program for a long time, i might upgrade to cs2 but no real reason to just yet.


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    Cs2 is the best upgrade asap. Cs3 isnt worth your time.

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    ya my dad has cs2 and it seems like just like 7.0 ... the feel of it that is... but anywho im looking for sites on tutorials on photoshop maybe like how to make a animated sig.. or something cool.

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    one of my fav's

    they offer, resources, and tuts :P

    Can also google more to ;p
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    pretty cool.. i'm working on a cool one ;)

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