Mpc got hacked lol

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    Mpc got hacked lol

    Check it out

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    mpcforum still work ^_^

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    lol no they hacked it!

    It doesnt work anymore and its not funny :mad::(:(:(:(

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    They get hacked like every week.

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    Yep, and its always by some guy named sm0ked (not the one from this site)

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    there is a thread rifk if they hacked or not who cares ?
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    Well MPC has been around for a long time, i remember going there in 2000 if not a little before that. Whoever it is, is a leet man, who hates cheaters jaja
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    do u think they will get back??wen??? just ur opinion

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    men im profianal hacker look what i have hack so if somebody hack os i hack hes life

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    We should count how my times they got hacked :p

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