photoshopped eye.

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    photoshopped eye.


    photoshopping it.

    I have the psd if anyone like it. :)

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    Cool!!!!!Tried to make one from a tutorial but was like shit xD
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    That is fucking awesome

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    Yea Sm0ked,
    That looks nice..

    But working with an eye?:D

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    for my freind long story. plus i love working with them

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    Haha i made again one and it looked like bull shits :p have you used an tutorial or something like that? if yes can you give me the link please?

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    nah didnt use any tut's i stopped using tut's like a year ago >.< i just used some skin/Cracked, blood and some frunge brushes.

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    Great Work!!!! :D

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    Wow looks fucking AWESOME!!!! great work!

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