Can any1 provide me a signature?

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    Can any1 provide me a signature?

    Hello can anyone make me signature with text "ImpuLze" ...I want red...some blur...and sharp stuff...if anyone can give me one i would appreciate it. thx :D

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    thats like 120 in america meh slow =/ (replying to ur sig)

    Photoshop is free to download. why not get ur feet wet
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    I got photoshop cs2 + cs3 all registered ... but I cant do NICE ones...I can do basics...and btw i got that speed shit when I was back in Bulgaria this summer... :D
    no police...lawl...
    just speedrun.....if anyone needs advice of getting car...i reccomend M5 2006 !!! :D

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    i prefer the suzaki hayabusa

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    well suzuki is a motor... i wouldnt dare ride one with "enough" speed untill i get older rofl:D

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    ive rode a hayabusa with a turbo. 0-300k/mh less then 20seconds.

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