If you want a cool desktop...

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    If you want a cool desktop...

    here a go, a couple people asked me if they could have it so i thought i would just post it...i didnt make it btw :P

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    That's not a full desktop. Look at the bars...

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    its not mine i found it
    some guy posted on a "show your desktop" thread

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    ugly duckly if you dont like it then get out :D
    thanks homes i wanted this background!! luckly my screen is small so u cant see the black bars!! :eek:

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    lol np
    but i cropped mine but couldnt find the pic so i just reposted it :P

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    Looks cool. Very cool infact. XD

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    Without the shit @ top and bottom --->

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    Ty Keron ur teh best xD
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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