Doesn't let me subscribe.

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    Doesn't let me subscribe.

    Hey everyone at P7, I wan't to subscribe to you guys, I go to and it says:

    "Project-7 - The Perfect Drug does not have any paid subscriptions available to which you can subscribe."

    I searched around, couldn't find anything. In here; it says:


    Q. How do i Get this hack.
    A. You Visit

    Little help here please :) Thank's in advance, looking to subscribe ASAP

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    We have temp disabled subscriptions. Just wait awhile until the next big update.

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    Ok, thank's alot for responding!

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    No problem, it will be anywhere from week - 2 weeks, but it will be worth it.

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    Wow this anwsered my qyestion

    Hey do you mind posting the prices of the subscription so i know how much i have to round up??

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