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    paint pro's READ

    Well i got a problem with mspaint , i have to make like zomg1337 tests and i need to PRINT the scores and give it to my teacher. i tried to PRINTSCREEN the score form.

    and copied 1 of my results and pasted it below every test i had to make. but when i print it the FONT looks so crappy and fake. is there anyway to make a exact same quality printscreen?

    Many regards

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    photoshop cs3 is the way to glory my son

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    Quote Originally Posted by d71 View Post
    photoshop cs3 is the way to glory my son

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    Hi i "auto corrected" it with Microsoft office picture manager but now i only have one problem as u can see its not that clear its a little but wuzzzy and behind all letters there is a blue block. can anyone help me out editing the image to make it CLEAR and remove the blue shizzle <3

    ~Regards TeNCHu ,
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    [ame=""]YouTube - How to paint the MONA LISA with MS PAINT[/ame]
    thats a paint pro's READ :D

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    hmm that doesn't help me stay on topic please. i need to have this finished before friday. and it's hell of a lot work. i wish if i wake up tomorrow and see this thread an angel of hexpope have heard me praying and fixxed my image. so i can get a good mark for this shizzle.

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    like i said, im good @ photoshop so just pm on what u need done.

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    Is that edited in MS Paint or is that screenshotted from a real thing?

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    Use word.

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    .JPG formatted pictures destroy a lot of the image's quality. Use .BMP format for full details.

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